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We are creating a client zone that can be accessed via an e-mailed link or by this website. The client zone will be used for:
Secure delivery of documents such as tax returns and accounts.
Electronic approval of documents.
Secure messaging.

How to use this area

As we roll this service out we will initially send you a link via e-mail. Following this link the first time will prompt you to choose a password. This password is only known to you and so if you forget it you will need to follow the ‘forgot password; link on the log in screen. Once you have setup your account you will receive an automatic e-mail every time we upload something to your account such as a set of accounts or a tax return. Once you have logged in to view the document the system will prompt you if any action is required such as approval.

We will aim to keep your last 3 years documents here as things are uploaded, so you can access them anytime day or night. So if you ever get have an urge to few older documents at 3am you will have the facility to do so!